Christopher Burks, CPRS & TCRP Outreach Coordinator

Christopher Burks

Mr. Burks is a CPRS and the outreach coordinator for Twin Cities Recovery Project in Minneapolis, MN.  Christopher is a person in long term recovery, who has battled with addiction and incarceration for over twenty years. Tired of the life he was living previously, Christopher wanted more, and realized he needed a change. Christopher decided to move to Minnesota, away from his birth place in Springfield, Ohio. He wanted to start a new chapter in his life.

After moving to Minnesota, Christopher got himself into a faith based treatment program called Metro Hope where he stayed there for nine months and successfully completed the program. While in treatment, Christopher attended a job training program called Twin Cities Rise! where he got an internship job with Twin Cities Recovery Project. Christopher was able to attend the CPRS training that TCRP offered. This allowed Christopher to take and pass the state certification test to become a state certified Recovery Coach. Christopher works at the South Minneapolis office, where he helps individuals in working their recovery.