Gregory Kemp, CPRS-R & TCRP Program Director

Gregory Kemp

Gregory Kemp is a CPRS-R and the program director of the Twin Cities Recovery Project in Minneapolis, MN.  Gregory is a person in long-term recovery, with experience with co-occurring disorders and substance use. Greg has been a familiar face at TCRP, frequenting the social club when it was in the church basement, and continuing to show up to TCRP for different events since. After a long history of working labor-intensive jobs, Greg decided to attend the Peer to Peer Recovery Development Training at TCRP in November of 2019 After the training, he continued to volunteer, eventually being given an internship, followed by being hired in January of 2020. Gregory is a strong advocate of self-efficacy and motivational interviewing, and is well-versed in training individuals to understand the concepts of Peer Recovery and Recovery Coaching. Gregory consistently meets one-on-one with individuals to meet their goals in recovery, and with assistance from other TCRP staff, Gregory trains the participants that get accepted into the Peer to Peer Recovery Development Training at TCRP. He also is in charge of training all new hires at TCRP, ensuring that all new staff at TCRP are on the same page.