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Opioid Response Network

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration funded the State Opioid Response/ Tribal Opioid Response – Technical Assistance grant to the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry in collaboration with the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network, Columbia University Division on Substance Use Disorders and a large national coalition. This coalition forms the Opioid Response Network to provide free training and education to address opioid, stimulant and all substance use disorders.

Twin Cities Recovery Project, Inc.

Services for those seeking a lifestyle free from addiction.

Twin Cities Recovery Project Inc.'s mission is to offer assistance and support to those suffering from substance use disorder in their transition toward lifestyles of health and productivity by offering a drug free environment as well as resources to develop the whole person. This will enable them to build healthy and positive relationships and to become productive members of society.


Medical Addiction Discovery Team

The overarching vision of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction is to link basic research to new therapeutic approaches to treating substance abuse. The State of Minnesota has appropriated significant funds through fiscal year 2025 for the Medical School to create a world-class, neuroscience-based program for the study and treatment of addiction.

The mission of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction is to make rapid advancements in the understanding of brain mechanisms of addiction and relapse, and translate our discoveries to new effective therapies that prevent and treat addiction.


Recovery Research Institute

At the Recovery Research Institute (RRI), we present the evidence about addiction treatment and recovery.

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Black Faces Black Voices

We are a collaborative of professionals focused on promoting recovery and wellness in Black communities across the nation.

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Faces & Voices of Recovery

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